HEAP: Degree Course Offers 2019

For 49 years HEAP: University Degree Course Offers has been a first-stop reference for university and college applicants choosing their courses in higher education by providing information from official sources about how to choose courses and how admissions tutors select students. Brand new for this year includes new degree apprenticeship course listings.

This annually updated online resource aims to provide applicants with the latest possible information from universities to help equip them to obtain a degree course in a fiercely competitive application process. This level of competition will make it essential for every applicant to research carefully courses and institutions.

Schools, colleges and students quite rightly focus on getting through examinations, particularly when employers and, more so, universities, require specific exam grades in a variety of subjects. But once out of the exam room, where to next? There are many students who restrict their applications to a small number of well-known universities. They must realise that in doing so they are very likely to receive rejections from all of them. Applicants must spread their choices across a wide range of institutions. There are also many students who limit their choice to their best subject, but in doing so miss out on some good alternatives.

How do applicants decide on a strategy to find a place on a degree course? There are more than 1,200 separate degree subjects and over 50,000 Joint and Combined Honours courses so how can applicants choose a course that is right for their futures? What can applicants do to find a course place and a university or college that is right for them, when there are over 200 of them? For the past 49 years, for hundreds of students, the answers have been in this resource.

HEAP Online is intended to help applicants find their way through these problems by providing the latest possible information about university course offers from official sources, and by giving guidance and information about:

  • Degree courses – what Honours level courses involve, the range and differences between them, and what applicants need to consider when choosing and deciding on subjects and courses
  • Degree apprenticeships  what courses are available in different subject areas
  • Universities and higher education colleges – the range and differences between universities and colleges, and the questions applicants might ask when deciding where to study
  • Admissions information for every university
  • Target A-level grades/UCAS points offers for 2019 entry to Honours degree courses in universities and colleges, with additional information for applicants with Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers, the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate – Skills Challenge Certificate, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma, the Extended Project, Music examinations and Art and Design Foundation Studies qualifications 
  • The UCAS applications process – what to do, when to do it and how to prepare the personal statement in the UCAS application
  • Your course how to choose by school sujects or career interests
  • Universities’ and colleges’ admissions policies – how admissions tutors select students
  • Which universities, colleges and courses use admissions tests for entry
  • Finance, fees and sources of help
  • Graduate destinations data for each subject area
  • Action after results day – and what to do if your grades don’t match your offer
  • Entry to UK universities and higher education colleges for international students

Every effort is made to ensure the website is as up-to-date as possible. Nevertheless, the increased demand for places are expected to lead to offers changes during 2019/20, and after prospectuses have been published. Some institutions may also discontinue courses as a result of government cuts and the changes in tuition fees. It will be essential for applicants to check institutions’ websites frequently to find out any changes in offers, course availability and requirements. If you have any queries, contact admissions staff without delay to find out the latest information as institutions, for many courses, will be looking for a very close, if not precise, match between their requirements and what you offer in your application, qualifications and grades. Please do contact us with any new information on our feedback form.

HEAP Online is your starting point for moving on into higher education and planning ahead and will take you through all the stages in choosing the course and place of study which is right for you. Now go for it!